FCHHA bring rehab therapies into the comfort of your home.Franklin County Home Health Agency (FCHHA) provides the highest quality care possible where you call home. Our team of professionals work with you and your doctor to design a plan of care to meet your needs. We come to your home, nursing home other care facility. We use the latest technology as well as a gentle, personal approach to your care. We are a member agency of the VNAs of Vermont, your non-profit home health and hospice agencies. Read what some of our clients say:

Home Care

FCHHA provides home health care and support services

“Mom’s LNA is like a ray of sunshine in our lives with her upbeat positive and caring personality. She is forever gentle with Mom and fullfils all of Mom’s ADLs in the morning with care, respect, dignity and skill. We are so pleased to have her on board to allow us to help Mom stay home as she proceeds through this disease. Thank you for hiring wonderful people who offer wonderful care. One can tell it’s not just a job – the care shines through.”

“Your staff is great.  Without them I know I would have to go to a home. I am very blessed to have them so I may still live at home.”

“The health care my mother-in-law received was excellent. They were very knowledgeable, kind, gentle and always willing to share tips so I could feel more confident.”

“Thank you for your good care of my aunt during her return home from the hospital, her illness at home and the transition between home and nursing home care. These life changing situations are never easy for anyone, least of all the patient. They are scary, confusing and unsettling, to say the least. Thank you for being there for all of us, to help problem solve and to listen.”

“If it wasn’t for you, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to come back home. Hope if I every need you, you’ll be there for me too.”
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Rehab Therapies

“I was so impressed with my physical therapists’ knowledge and expertise, professionalism and understanding. I made wonderful progress in the five days she worked with me and went confidently to outpatient at NMC to continue my recovery. ”

“I used your services after major surgery. FCHHA was a vital and helpful part of my recovery. Kudos to you all!”
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Hospice & Palliative Care


“Thank you for all your help with our hospice patients … you helped them to navigate through the tough terrain of making a difficult decision.” — Northwestern Medical Center Care Management Team

“It takes many caring hearts to provide patients and families with the care and love needed and deserved during the end of life. The care, concern and professionalism we encountered and received was beyond measure …  Thank you all for helping us to not only provide the care but to make use of the time we had with Gramma. This time was of the highest quality and filled with many happy moments.”

“My family and I would like to extend our appreciation for the loving care you showed my Dad. I know at times he was a tough cookie but he had a soft middle. He did get his wish, which was to stay at home and we thank you for that.”

“Thank you for the wonderful care you gave my wife during her final days. You made a difficult time more bearable. She passed in peace and lives on.”

“We really appreciate the help everyone gave to us during the final weeks of my dad’s life. It was comforting to know you and the others were there when we needed it.”

“Your assistance, care and guidance were invaluable to him and his family when they most needed it.”

“Your compassion in making Mom comfortable and maintaining her dignity … will always be remembered and appreciated.”

“My brother’s remaining at home was a special gift to his family. Franklin County Home Health Agency was there to help give him this special wish.”

“We want to thank you for taking such fantastic care of *** and us during his final days. It was a great comfort to me to know that all of you girls were just a phone call away if I needed you.”

“Thank you to everyone who touched our lives in this difficult time.”

“Thank all of you for helping us handle ***’s 10 year illness with ALS. We know that many times you went the “second mile” to help us cope with the ever changing and complicated situation we faced.”

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